Chief Keef Had 8 Different Drugs In His System In DUI Arrest

Chief Keef might want to make a New Year’s Resolution to stay off drugs.

The Chi-Town rapper had at least 8 different drugs in his system during his DUI arrest last year, TMZ reported. Keef was arrested in Miami in April last year after cops say they spotted him conducting a marijuana transaction in the middle of the street. Turns out that weed wasn’t the only drug he was taking while partying in Miami Beach that weekend.

Chief Keef was required to submit a urine sample for testing and he complied. The test came back showing a massive amount of drugs in his system including codeine, morphine, THC, norcodeine, promethazine, hydromorphone, and dihydrocodeine. The Florida state attorney dropped the driving under the influence charge against the rapper on Tuesday but file it back the next day since it was only done due to a scheduling issue.

During his arrest, Keef told cops that he will have his attorney send them his marijuana card, that’s after he submitted his urine sample. Now where does that leave the other drugs inside his system. Last year, rapper Lil Peep died from a drug overdose on fake codeine, a substance he has been hooked on for sometime.

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Fetty Wap Arrested For DUI and Drag Racing

Fetty Wap found himself behind bars early this morning for DUI and drag racing in New York City.

Law enforcement reported that the Patterson rapper was caught racing another driver at very high speed at around 1 AM on Friday morning, TMZ reported. After pulling him over in his Mercedes-Benz, cops say they noticed that he was intoxicated. He also handed officers an expired New Jersey driver’s license. As for the speed he was driving, cops say it was over a 100 miles per hour in a 50 miles zone.

Turns out that cops were correct about Fetty Wap driving under the influence because he failed a field sobriety test and blew a .09 breathalyzer test, which is above the legal limit. He was arrested on spot and slapped with a whopping 15 traffic related charges including DUI, drag racing, speeding, and driving without a valid license.

Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, is expected to post bail sometime soon, but some of these charges are serious enough to prevent him from getting another driver’s license and possible jail time. Last year, the “Trap Queen” was fined $360 for driving on a suspended driver’s license, tinted windows that were too dark, and failure to replace lost or defaced license plates.

In August, Fetty Wap sued his former assistant allegedly stealing $250,000 from him. In his suit, the rapper claimed that Shawna Morgan pretended to be his booking agent and manager and fleece hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting concert promoters. Sources say she even collected additional fees for shows that Fetty Wap are booked for without his consent. She claimed that Fetty’s production company RGF Productions is lying and that she takes the usual 10% fees for bookings and would also regularly used her personal credit card for tour expenses without getting reimbursed. Fetty is suing to recover his money plus damages.

Thundercat – Dui (Drunk Album)

Sometimes you’re alive
Sometimes you are dead inside
With the time to read between the lines of life and death
Sometimes it’s okay
Sometimes it’s the worst thing ever
Hopefully you work it off and get a DUI

You will see that it’s not so bad
There’s always tomorrow

Bottom of the glass
At this point you’ve made an ass
And your friends will let you know tomorrow

I’m so tired

One more glass to go
Where this ends we’ll never know


[Hook x2]
I’m sodomizing your bitch till the dawn break
Hands around her neck till she red faced
Buddha on my throat cuz I meditate
You fuckin waste of space
Don’t you procreate

[Verse 1]
Soon as the moon hit its peak
Bound your hands and feet
Placing my hand on your face
Uttering Latin speech
Pulling a dagger up outta my waist I place it in between your teeth
Soon as Vega hits the zenith I pull it and you bleed
I don’t respond to no beef
I would rather croak
I’m too enlightened to speak
Yes I am too woke
Pentagram on my ski
But just to provoke
You to question and seek
What you think you know

[Verse 2]
Don’t pop
Fuck dope
Drunk at the citadel
Sip the blood of Christ
Now I got a DUI
Old soul
Really tho
Never leave my house I don’t
Wanna go
Anywhere cuz in a full room I’m alone
No I don’t
Feel like I’m from here at all
Think a meteor with my cells hit Earth here long ago
Making me a thing from a world where we don’t give a fuck
About what anyone else doing I would rather not know

[Hook x2]
I’m sodomizing your bitch till the dawn break
Hands around her neck till she red faced
Buddha on my throat cuz I meditate
You fuckin waste of space
Don’t you procreate